Manifold Art

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phone: 310 213-9551

About Manifold Art

Manifold Art is dedicated to the development of works of art that incorporate multiple art disciplines. In addition to traditional art, we experiment with kinetic interdisciplinary art and art science installations that create total environments.

We provide a format for collaborations between artists of different disciplines: composers and painters, choreographers and sculptors, film artists and poets, live performance artists, playwrights and musicians. We see dance and music as coexistant, alternative dimensions of painting and sculpture — and we recognize film as an additional dimension of art and an art material with infinite possibilities.

Manifold Art creates connectivity and communication in art, music, environment, ecology, science and technology. It promotes collaborations between creative artists, technology geeks and scientists of widely disparate disciplines.

Executive/Artistic Director

Dr. M. X. Quetzalkanbalam

Administrative/Creative Director

Mar Doré Quetzalkanbalam MFA

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